Robert Fertman Client Endorsement


I have known Robert for more than 10 years now. He always has given me great advice and his wise input defines him for me as a great life coach. Now that he has also fully embraced the body-mind connection through his shiatsu practice, this new work has helped me in releasing energy blockages and reactions that have armored my mind and body. He is a great practitioner who can make contact with the energy intuitively and he does so without hesitation. The results are incredible. With each session, I feel my body coming back to strength and ease as well as experiencing greater mental clarity. I actually can now feel the energy flowing in my body. It is like experiencing an epiphany where I am left with a sensation of serenity and balanced energy. If you are looking to feel healthy, balanced and in harmony between your body, emotions, and mind, take a series of sessions with Robert.  

-V.V., Philadelphia PA/Paris France


Robert has been working on my body for 2 years now. I must say I am in good hands. He really understands healing, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am a professional dancer. I am no stranger to pain. I can rely on my shiatsu sessions with Robert to heal my body. I always leave feeling ready for the next work week. His attention to my body's needs is magnificent. He seems to find the problem areas I didn't even know about. It's such a relief. I know a session with Robert will help me in more than one way. Dealing with clinical depression and anxiety, I am emotionally unstable at times. I can find balance and release during a session with Robert. It goes beyond the physical. I am glad that Robert can have that relationship with his clients. Bodywork should take care of more than the physical pain. That's what you will find here. I am always glad to book another session. It's a personal journey with a wonderful guide. Thanks, Robert! 

-C.T. Philadelphia, PA


Robert's skills as a de-armoring, shiatsu, and coaching practitioner have each provide solace from pain and discomfort, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. His commitment to learning, teaching, empowering and making a difference in a variety of ways with a variety of tools makes him someone who can and will provide relief and/or guidance to resolve concerns, pains and to enhance life.

-C.R. Philadelphia, PA

Working with Robert has certainly provided me with a greater sense of stability in my everyday outlook and in my approach to facing increasing professional challenges. It has provided a sense of being able to make the best use of my capabilities on an ongoing basis. Robert’s coaching practice is unique, as the work we do is based on a set of relatively straightforward and easily understood models which I now use as a daily discipline. The coaching and consulting work has had a sustainable impact on my ability to act consciously and creatively, and it’s clear to me that the lessons and input he provides continue to bolster my leadership capacity as I emerge into an executive role in my latest venture.  

- J.R. Collingwood, NJ


Over the last few months, I’ve been having a Shiatsu session with Robert every three weeks. Robert is very welcoming and generous in his knowledge and hands-on energy work. He talks to you about what’s going on in your body. I am more confident, aware energetically and present in my life. I am now looking at setting new goals for 2020 with strength, enthusiasm, and gratitude. My body is slimming and posture has improved. Robert is comfortable with Shiatsu and makes you feel comfortable and I always leave balanced.

 -L.M. Paoli, PA

I enjoyed the services of Robert Fertman as a coach for several months and found our talks to provide value long after we hung up the phone. Robert's coaching emphasis, on body-mind connections, can help give you greater control over your own actions and reactions, allowing you to conceive of and deliver on short- and long-term actions. I spoke to Robert every week or so over the length of two major projects and found his support immensely helpful, in ways I continue to use today.

S.V. Philadelphia, PA

Shiatsu Sessions with Robert have been a great uplift in my life recently. I ride my bike a dozen miles daily, through the cold, wind, and rain. My body takes a beating with all the bumps and potholes- especially my wrists, neck, and shoulders. Seeing Robert weekly has really loosened up my muscles and allowed my energy to flow more smoothly.  I also noticed a change in my digestion since working with Robert. After telling him about some indigestion I’d been dealing with, he focused more on certain pathways in my body so as to direct energy toward my stomach and liver. I feel as though Robert is helping me prepare for winter in a very powerful way.

-H.F. Brooklawn, NJ

 Robert is by far at the top of the coaching game.  He has the ability to listen and glean what is missing in one's work and our life, how to overcome things that stand in the way of achievement, and has proven effective tangible methods in accomplishing the desired result.  Having studied and worked myself in the field of ontology, I find Robert to be extremely knowledgeable.  He has expanded and combined many modalities of ontology with brilliance, purpose, poise, grace, heart, and effectiveness.  With his work, I have been able to generate results in less than 2 weeks. 

-Dr. A. J. Ph.D. Sanford N.C.


Robert is very knowledgeable about the body, meridians, energy flow and how to open up channels. He is professional, thoughtful, and has great technique and obviously committed to his client's well-being. I always leave our shiatsu sessions feeling much looser and incredibly relaxed.

L.M. Drexel Hill, PA

Robert has helped me to look at the stories I had around money and opened a possibility for me to take responsibility for my financial situation after years of not feeling comfortable in this area of my life. This allows me to live with more financial freedom and ease. His integrity, knowledge, and wisdom, as well as his listening for what I needed at the moment, was very helpful in sorting out my situation.

- J. K. Boulder Colorado

Robert is a very patient Shiatsu practitioner. He takes time to listen to my concerns about what is going on with my body in each session. From there he always makes sure I am comfortable, and he consistently checks-in as far as the pressure he uses and my tolerance for it. His work is truly an amazing experience, and helps me with my overall wellbeing!

 -Y.A.  Huntingdon Valley, PA.


I have been working with direct energy transfers between myself and trusted friends for five decades.  I am accustomed to high intensity and palpable transfers; however, I have found such connections to be too intimate or intense for common relationships and almost all the "practitioners" of the healing arts.  I have recently experienced several shiatsu sessions with Robert Fertman. I was quite impressed when he was able to lock onto energy flows that were extraordinarily intense and sharply defined. His direction of these life-forces was deliberate, careful, and knowledgeable. His discussions on the significance of these energies were insightful and respectful. I have a deep appreciation for Robert's capabilities. 

-G.K. Philadelphia, PA

Robert is a caring & compassionate, insightful and innovative coach. I was assigned to Robert, as my coach. He stood for each & every individual's progress and development that he was coaching from beginning to end.  Personally, Robert made sure to not let me off the hook but not push so far he alienated me. That is an extremely delicate balance to maintain a dynamic relationship. I have worked with Robert continually and he always has an honest, fresh, challenging style that helped me assess situations and weaknesses in my life and create plans to change and enhance it. I recommend Robert as an extraordinary coach and mentor.

- S.C. Philadelphia, PA


We seek a coach when we feel a need for help in making a change we desire in our own behavior.  And we change only if we are truly open to change and are willing to create new habits.  Robert capably and calmly supported that process for me with integrity and humor.  Most importantly, he listened carefully to what I was saying and helped me formulate words for what I was not saying that was important and relevant to my desired behavior change.  I felt completely supported and comfortable with my wandering thoughts and emotions as I created my own path.  Robert's skill and compassion clearly helped me persist with no time wasted.  What a great resource! 
- N.D. Wallingford PA


My wife and I contracted with Robert for help with a thorny financial-lifestyle issue that had us going around in circles. He came out to our place so he could size up our actual living situation, then he coached us through a complete discussion and thorough exploration of our alternatives. We finished with an agreement that we would not have been able to reach on our own, and since then our agreement has held. We were very happy with Robert's low-key style and keen insights, and wouldn't hesitate to contract with him again.

 -J. K. Lancaster, PA