What is Ontological Coaching?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

How Coaching works

Coaching is a magical relationship between a coach and a client that is grounded in a set of conversations for self-individuality, relationships, possibilities, opportunity, action, results, performance, completion, and learning from experience.

It is about self-authorship; creating and fulfilling a future through speech and action.  It also involves self-awareness in body, emotion, and language while observing your own performance.

Distinguishing Three Worlds

For a human being, life occurs in two worlds. The first is the world of being, the second is the world of doing. The third is the world of performance. Coaching helps you experience in these three worlds at the same time.

The World of Being 

Your body, emotion, and language are your access to your ways of being in life. In coaching, self-aware you develop your capacities to observe yourself. Being in action in the doing of life, and observing yourself in action, provides you with a context for living a self-authored Life. Your choices are grounded in being fully present and self-aware.

The World of Doing

The actions you take in every area of life are your world of Doing.  It’s about your personal performance.   Your actions are not just physical actions. There are also actions taken in Language. In the world of performance your word matters!   Your agreements, promises, and declarations to yourself and to others are the basis of your actions.  Your results are simply what happens from what you are doing.   You are alive, and so you are always in action performing.

The World of Performance

When who you are being and what you are doing are coordinated you are fully present, empowered, and in-action.  This is the world of performance.  You are accountable for honoring your word. When you create alignment in your body, emotion, and language:

Your actions will follow your thought. Your willingness to act will follow your passion. Your performance will be powerfully expressed in embodied and thoughtful ways of being and acting.

You know yourself as a powerful performer, who produces results that cause a future that wasn't going to happen any other way. This becomes your identity. Coaching for performance has to do with:

Who you say you are.

What you say you value.

The conversations you have.

What you actually do to fulfill what you say.

The results you produce.

Ways of Being and Acting

Your life is lived in the present moment, and your future is created inside the meaningful interpretations you create now and then remember later. You making assessments, and then you live with them as if they are the truth.  Actually they are only firmly held beliefs.  This gives ways of being and acting that are based on your past assessments, and a predictable future rather than a future of possibilities.

Using language, you learn to distinguish between what’s a fact and your explanation of the facts that you have created from your past history.  Through coaching, you re-write your history by re-evaluating your assessments, and in doing so have the opportunity to author a new future.  You can complete your past, re-frame the present, and generate new futures simply through the power of your declarations and your willingness to be transformed through the consistency of your word.  Living continuously complete as you create your future in the present moment.

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