The Life of My Body

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The place of my existence is my body. It is here that I experience life. My body is the only means I have to be in the world. It is my time machine. Through it, I access the present moment. I am manifested in it, and when it can no longer function, I will end.

What my body experiences directly is largely sensation. Through sensation, I have evidence of the world. On a simple level, there is pleasure and pain, but the full range of sensation is so much greater. The duality of pleasure/pain is more than the sensation itself. They are labels that describe the quality of the sensation I experience.

This brings me to the matter of thought. Like my emotions, my thought cannot exist without my body. At least, I can see no evidence of any disembodied minds or body-less feelings in my own personal experience. As a living being, though, I experience these three together; body sensations, the thinking, and my feelings. All of these require my body.

In unison, they give me the experience of my self. In effect, it occurs as if my body actually is all three together. Yet, it’s not just a piece of meat! Not merely an animal either, but rather a very unique kind of animal having for me, possibilities that no other animal that I know of possesses. I, me, and I, are respectively, largely an account, recollection, or perhaps just a story I tell of these three capacities working in unison. I am their coordination

Is it possible to develop a greater connection and coordination between these three? It is a useful question because I see that I am not always sensitive to subtle distinctions that exist in me. My words and ideas are shades of distinction to describe my experience. I might say that my sensation is different than my feeling and that my emotions are connected to my thoughts and yet different from them because I feel them in my body. It is my awareness of sensation in my body that is my ability to be really sensitive to the passing moment.

Or I can be unconscious to it, and not even notice the passing of time. For this reason, mostly, I live without awareness of these wonderful, three-natures that I conserve in my moment to moment state-of-being. If I can first imagine it, then, perhaps I can also discover for myself what life would be like if I had the ability to experience each moment more fully in each of these dimensions of being. And, it is only possible because of my body, mind, and emotions are in reality, all three together as one.

That is perhaps, why we have all come here. To the living of life on Earth. To discover ourselves, as conscious living beings in the real world of experience through the only tools for consciousness that we have at our disposal as human beings.

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