Six Benefits of Shiatsu Massage for the Body

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Shiatsu is a ancient practice that was discovered in Japan and China and which found its way to the west. It has helped thousands of people who are looking for alternative ways of healing and especially of preventing illnesses created by energy imbalances in the body.

Here are six of the benefits of Shiatsu for the body and its organs.

  1. Improved Energy levels: The life-force energy of the body is called Qi or KI. It is a field of energy that penetrates and flows through Energy Meridians of the body. The vital life-force involves the Kidneys and Bladder, that keeps and stores the energy of life received at birth from our parents, and which is nourished or depleted by life in the world. This also involves the sexual energy of the body, and the function of the reproductive organs. Shiatsu can clear blockages and strengthen weaknesses in the flow of this Life-Force Energy through these meridians.

  2. Improved Digestion: Digestion is a complex dance of the organs of digestion, involving the Stomach and Spleen, and the Liver and Gall Bladder. Each of these must work optimally for digestion to work properly and each is also an energy meridian. Shiatsu treats these organs energetically and can correct imbalances in Qi energy flowing in these organs.

  3. Improved Elimination. The body takes in nourishment and Qi energy from food, water, and air. It must also eliminate the toxic wastes of the bodies metabolism. The Large Intestines, and Lungs as well as the Kidneys and Bladder are all involved in this removal of waste, and their performance is improved when stagnation is removed, and weaknesses are strengthened through the work of Shiatsu.

  4. Better Circulation: Blood is the essential physical substances that must flow through the body. It is essential for oxygen and nutrients to get to its cells, and for the removal of waste products and toxins from the body. This involves not only the arteries and veins, but also the tiny blood vessels nearest to the cells in all the organs. The Heart and the Small Intestine and the Liver are most directly connected to circulation and supported also special organs that Shiatsu identifies as the Heart Protector, and the Triple Heater. Shiatsu treatments can focus in on each of these organs to strengthen or tonify them if they are weak, and to sedate them if they are over energized.

  5. Improved Respiration: The body takes in Qi not only from food but also from air. The respiration brings the necessary oxygen from the atmosphere and removes gaseous waste as carbon-dioxide form the body. Here stagnation or blockages can interfere with all the body’s vital processes. Shiatsu can help clear blockages of energy that impact the Lungs, and the Heart meridians, with clear connection all the other vital meridians, as Oxygen is the vital substance the body requires

  6. Improved Relaxation: The nervous system not only directs sensation and motor coordination, but it also ensures there is a proper contraction and expansion moving the vital life-force through the organs and the body. This is governed by the vagus nerves and its sympathetic and parasympathetic aspects. Shiatsu uses directly works with this nervous system, and in particular through the Heart Protector, and the Triple Heater meridians. The sympathetic and parasympathetic have a direct impact on the vital life force energy moving through all the organ meridians of the body, and its relaxation and tensions. Shiatsu supports the proper balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic in the body to maintain optimal health and functioning.

Regular shiatsu treatments can help maintain the optimal function of the body, prevent various kinds of imbalances, and also treat those imbalances when combined with a supportive diet and lifestyle.

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Robert Fertman is a Shiatsu Practitioner and Life coach Based in Bryn Mawr PA

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