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Ontos-Magick is a phrase I have coined to refer to my work of offering transformation to people who have the desire for it and are willing to do the work that's necessary to attain it. The aim is the transformation of one's stable reality of living in the world by means of the will applied through skillful means.

The word is based on the Greek word Ontos, which speaks to being that is real and actual. However, interestingly, in mathematics the word 'onto' refers to the simulacra effect of the one set of objects being superimposed upon another. This is the same as the Hermetic idea, 'as above so below', and it describes the effect of simulation and virtualization on reality. Said another way onto is the modeling of the virtual upon the actual, the higher upon the lower, and this also correlates to the idea of will being directed upon circumstances.

The other word is Magick, and this is understood to be distinct from stage magic. In this usage, it means the action of creating change as a conscious act of will. Thus, Ontos-Magick is a term of art that means purposeful Self-Generation as an act of will. It is the process of conscious self-creation from which to live one’s life, freely and empowered by will and desire. This is the aim of an embodied person striving for experience, survival, and fulfillment in the world.

Magick is being used as a context mainly because it offers a different and more diverse access to skillful means than science alone, because it is not empirical. In our world, science being sovereign has in some ways limited its power as skillful means strictly to what is empirically known. This is divorced from the reality of human intuition, creativity, nonlocal perception, and synchronicity. In contrast to science, which demands explanation and proofs by its methods, the definition of magick is simply change created by will alone, achieved through skillful means, and guided by love. To Ontos-Magick, the skillful means of science are the same as any other skillful means, so long as they work to achieve the desired results. The idea of will in Ontos-Magic is that one's own aim, intention, and energy are being directed toward what is desired or sought for life. One works on one's self, and is willing to experiment and be transformed by what one learns in the process.

The primary aim for Ontos-Magick is actualizing towards what is sought or desired, and setting a program to attain it using skillful means involving ones Body, Mind and Emotions. This may specifically involve the following methods and modalities either separately or combined together:

  1. Conversational work involving speaking and listening, holding space, ontological distinction and deconstruction, revealing inner attitudes and external drives, and speech acts, invocations and affirmations that enable a client to self-transform in body, emotion or mind thoughts through the power of their languaging.

  2. Work on movement and posturing of the body in the space around it, role playing, sensation and proprioception of the body to create a new sense of embodiment.

  3. Hands-on body work to release residual body-mind armor that has accumulated in life including; life-force energy in organs and associated energy meridians; configuration of bone, muscle, and fascia; emotional release of past trauma; allowing the orgasmic potency of the body to arise and be felt; and the relief of self-inhibiting painful sensation.

  4. Breath work to activate the body-mind's life-force energy and release emotional and physical energy

  5. Energy work, either distance and in person affecting the somatic or the energetic body(s) the penetrates it and the space around the body.

  6. Inner work involving cognitive and behavioral practices to apply the learning to life in play and work, as well as relationships and pleasurable living.

  7. Verification of the validity of Ontos-Magick is entirely based on ones own efforts and experience in actual practice relevant solely for ones own practical purposes.

Ontos-Magick does not involve:

  1. Medical treatment or psychological therapy, for any diagnosable disease, disorder, dysfunction or maladjustment; or ingestion if any non-food remedy, supplement or psychotropic drug/plant medicines of any kind.

  2. Any form for ritual, nor any particular belief, either of religion or science, about anything.

  3. Organizational or institutional affiliations, norms, loyalties, certifications, or commitments of any kind, at this time.

The ethics of Ontos-Magick is that love and care are always the precondition for the expression of will. For the reason, agreements are created for the work and structured around informed consent, in which the work to be done is determined both for the engagement, as well as any individual session by mutual agreements. Thus, agreements is the model for the relationship, and establishes clear boundaries that allow for trust, care and consensual regard. Agreements arise from the acceptance of offers and promises. In this way, the work of an Ontos-Magickian is always for the benefit of the client, in the service of the clients will, and can address any area of life the client wishes to address.

Thus Ontos-Magick can achieve any outcome for the client's benefit by any skillful means that is attained from a loving intention on the part of both the practitioner and the client. Thus Ontos-Magick is aligned with both modern science as well as shamanic or traditionalist approaches to personal and community transformations. As always, ones beliefs, are solely their own concern, and must be self-validated in ones own experience in order to be considered actual knowledge.

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