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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

I was listening to an old recording of Werner Erhart about Relationships, and what he said was (not surprisingly) brilliant.

What he said, in effect was stop trying to get a relationship. There is nothing to get! You are already related. Start relating like your already related, in the relationship you've got, which shows up exactly like it is. Judging it, making it right, making it wrong, making it enough, making it not enough, making it good, or making it bad have nothing to do with being related. That stuff is just what you and I make up about some particular relationship that we experience.

Now here is the really brilliant part. He said what you really want is not relationship its Recreation! Said another way, to make it more clear,  RE-Creation. What you want is to be Re-Created. To be with someone who Re-Creates you!!! To live with Fun and play with people in a "DOING" that recreates each of you.


Instead of looking for a "Relationship" or worse "the Right Relationship" or even "The One" or some other romantic notion, delusion or fantasy look instead for who you want to RE-Create and who you actually are WILLING to be Re-Created by.

That sounds so much more fun...And allows for meeting new people and being with people without creating drama and significance.... because when you are RE-Creating with someone.... there is no drama or significance.

What insight!

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