Magick is Realization of Will

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

We have organizing frameworks for knowledge. It is common for people to reference Science and Religion as such frameworks as if that is all that is needed to understand the world. But we have other frameworks that correlate. Another is that of Healing, and that is also related to the additional framework of Technology. These are four frameworks that come together and also have a relationship as follows.

  • Technology is about DOING. It is all about Exerting and Reacting forces applied in the world through the drive of doing.

  • Religion is about SPELLS. Which is is all about Dominating and Surrendering, the creation of trance states around beliefs through the mind-binding influence of spells

  • Science is about VISION. That is all about the creation of ideas and the solving of Problems, though a rigorous process proving things to be true, which is an expression of vision seeing reality.

  • Healing is about PASSION. This is about Constructing or Destroying to establish the conditions that are vital for life, through treating conditions that exist to make them more life-supporting. This is the work of passion to heal by creativity and destruction.

Each of these is a fundamental drive that runs through and governs human activities required to live in the word. As we see each drive in action, we may not see the context that is above and beyond them, and governing them all. That is the idea that the source of change in all these areas and ways of acting upon the world, is that there is a conscious will at work here. In each of these areas, there are skillful means to accomplish what the will desires to cause.

In the context of binding these four categories of drives and their skillful means together is the hidden idea that has come down since ancient times of magick. I am not talking about performing tricks to entertain children, and I am also not talking about any superstition or culture that ritualizes actions around powers that it believes in. This idea of Magick, which is so very ancient in origin simply means the creating of change according to will.

Now, this is where the idea of ‘ontos’ enters the picture. The word means being in Greek, and comes from ancient times, and is found in the word ontology which is the philosophic study of being. That is the fact of being in reality. But in modern times the word is used in mathematics, and this is about how being actually is manifested across dimensions modeled as different sets existing at corresponding levels of reality. Two sets, in correspondence at two different levels. Where one is the definition of the contents of the other. Though in mathematics it is highly abstract and theoretical, it’s really very simple, and ancient in its origin. For thousands of years, it has been said, “As Above, So Below.”

In the Renaissance, at the beginning of what we call modernity, there was the discovery of Egyptian ancient writings, translated at the direction to the family Medici, of Hermes Trismegistus, which became the Hermetic teachings that have also come down to us as modernity developed. A series of principles that have defined esoteric knowledge, but which also have communicated this idea that there is a higher level that manifests also in correspondence on a lower level. That is that we think it is our will that is operative, but in fact, our will is simply the means by which a higher will, considered divine but many, is made manifest in the world. It is exacting the precision of “As Above, So Below” that we see in the correspondence between sets containing elements, that mirror different levels. Heaven and Earth, the virtual and the real, are both examples.

The question of will then becomes a very human question on a very human scale, because as human beings, we cannot know the will of the Divine. It seems as if works it way through us, or upon us, and into the world. In fact, we are blind to this knowledge, and can only act according to what we perceive our will to be. But it is ignorant to fail to realize that there is a higher-order at work and that it penetrates through everything that we do. This is especially true of our drives to bring change in the world through the powers that are given by DOING, SPELL, VISION, and PASSION in their guises of human activity in the name of Technology, Religion, Science, and Healing.

It has been said that Magick is the name of that which works that science has not yet explained, but this explanation is one that is often offered by science-minded people in the act of singing its own praises. Another way of explaining is to say that Magick is simply that action that causes change to occur by virtue of will and that the lesser will of human beings is the ‘onto’ effect of the higher will expressed in the universe, which mankind calls the Divine. For this reason, Magick is a fine context to talk about and understand transformation.

Because the world is full of contexts. In the 20th and 21st centuries, it is hard not to understand the power of Technology as a context for understanding our world by what action technology is doing. Science also offers its context based on the true powers of its vision. Religion has been in this arena for thousands of years controlling and dominating people with the power of the spell. And Healing is as old as mankind itself, in the actions of shaman and medicine men who attempt to heal the suffering of people by virtue of their passion which leads them to create and destroy to make life better. All of these contexts are available in our world. However, the most high level of all, which is Magick, seems hidden but on further consideration is obvious that the source of all of that, is the act of will applied by skillful means to cause change. This includes each and all of the other four drives which animate all human activities.

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