Living as a Created Self Rather then as a Personal Identity

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Identity is Developmental

Our identity is who know our self as being.  Furthermore, identity develops in the process of living life. 

Simply by passing through developmental stages, new layers of identity happen automatically, creating a composite of who we are.

At a certain stage of development, a core identity distinctly emerges  and crystalizes in us.  Observing this mechanism of identity, one recognizes how we are constituted by patterns of identity.  Seeing this, it becomes possible to alter the structures of identity.

Self Generation is the Alternative to Automaticity

Self-generation alters the structure of identity. Becoming a created self offers a new reality for living life. Observing differently, new assessment becomes possible.

As we become a new observer, we are creating empowering interpretations that give access to a new embodiment. New actions thus cause new results, because or a new integration of Body, Emotion, and Language. We are its expression in action.

Our brain and its chemistry are both malleable, a phenomenon that scientists call neuroplasticity.  What it means is that the changes that occur in the brain cause changes in body, emotion, and language. Transformation is a fully embodied experience. In self- generation we are the author of our life story, and life emerges as a generative experience.

One begins to self-generate when one becomes able to self observe.  Noticing the automatic nature of identity, we also can see how language creates new realities that also alter our body and emotion.

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