Just Being Here

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Do you ever wonder why we are here? Is it about me? About what I want? About what i like or don't like? About what I think, my opinion on things?

How can this be the case? On the surface it seems like it is that way. Looking deeper I realize that all of that is made up. It's whatever I say it is, and I can change what I say at any time. So I have this power to create the meaning. So, if this the case, then how can anything have meaning of its own? And the logic of it is that it does not! The events of life are devoid of meaning. We are born, live, and eventually die in a world that has no absolutes. Where the truth is made up by ourselves and others. Where the only meaning is what we say it is.

The question then is what to believe? What claim on the truth do I have faith in. I realize that all my life I've been taught almost nothing other than beliefs that have never been proved to me, yet I am certain that I know the truth about them. In reality, I learn that I actually know very little and I suspect even less. Because of this fact, and the fact that I am not the only one who is like this in this world, it should be obvious that the ordinary life we seem to live as reality can't be what we think it is. What we imagine it to be! Actually, we are ignorant of it.

Is it then possible, with this new awareness alone, to simply "be here"? Can I be present without a thought, opinion, judgement, or feeling, added to my experience for me to remember.. Present just to experience what ever is happening. To observe even the obvious fact that we are in fact here, and we are in fact experiencing this moment, without creating a story about it?

That's reality! Perhaps, its just being here, now.

Photograph of a Painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Unknown.

Copywrite 2006, Robert Fertman, All Rights Reserved.

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