Re-Imagining the Neolithic: Co-Habitation of the Past and Present

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In Neolithic times, the Earth and the Mother Goddess were understood to be the same. Then, with what we call civilization came the Solar cults of the Father Gods. Odin, Zeus, Amen-RA, and Jehova-Adonai and lastly the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost of the Trinity as a masculine lineage.

The patriarchal impulse sought to subjugate the Earth and everything in it. It largely succeeded. What began in Pagan religions, later became the Monotheistic religions we inherited. The masculine God and the hierarchy of men that have ruled the earth are a continuation of the rule of the Solar Deity, via the divine rights of Kings.

To this day, the feminine is deeply repressed and hidden in our world. This is a continuation of the Pagan suppression of the Mother Goddess at that end of the Neolithic when Patriarchy supplanted the Matriarchy of Paleolithic and Neolithic times. This has sown much confusion in the world. Instead of seeing the Earth itself as the Mother and expression of the feminine, a great deception and error instead labeled the lunar as feminine. But that is a great lie, that was created in language. The cosmology of the Moon is not of feminine gender. What it actually is, is the shadow of the Solar. We only see the moon in its reflection of the sunlight. In fact, it is the hidden feminine aspect of the masculine active Solar principles. Moon exists in the masculine polarity. Like the Yin and the Yang, each polarity contains within it its shadow.

The Earth is Feminine, and the source of all life because the Earth itself is alive with life. Whereas the Moon appears in the likeness of a stillborn child, barren of life, yet the descended from its parentage. A Solar father, and an Earthy Mother. The moon is a representative part of our psyche. If we own it, we are then complete in our cosmological nature. What we call the Heavens is also feminine. The Earth is merely the shadow of the Heavens themselves, which must, of course, be equally alive, if nothing else in the spiritual sense. This sky realm of the heavens is the ancient world’s interpretations of Gods and Goddesses, of forces imagined in a zodiacal procession, as they understood its movements.

The ray of creation that emanates from the source point of the universe involves down to us and we evolve back toward it. This is the essence of most forms of mysticism, and our conception of these mysteries that we measure ourselves against. The Solar and its Lunar shadow are the active part of its dominion but stand between us and the greater realm above it. It is the Heaven-Earth-Moon Feminine ray of creation that contains it all, including the Sun itself (and so including its lunar shadow). The feminine is always a container like a womb that was understood to Neolithic peoples as the source of life. It is a vessel, from which life emerges, to be worshiped by the peoples of the Earth. In an ancient drama, at the source of our religion, until it was replaced by the Phallus in the subsequent Solar age under the rule of Men. It is symbolized by the lance or sword. This was the time in which the giver of light, termed Lucifer in mythology, illumined the lives of men. But it also concealed in certain darkness a mystery that has hidden the essential role of the Feminine in our consciousness. Thus the world we inherited is a male-dominated culture emulating the warrior instead of the husband and father.

The ancient revolt in the heavens is none other than that of the Phallic solar which seeks total dominion in its zones of control and negating the greater transformations of involution and evolution that moves in the feminine flow that contains the history of these transformations. All our lives and our entire human history, even that of our modern age are artifacts of this ancient struggle, between the expansive and active masculine, and concentrating and receptive feminine. Said another way, the Yang and the Yin. We are its byproducts, of Affirming and Denying forces and their expanding and contracting natures, and our task is to navigate the Reconciliation. It is this Dialectic which modern monotheistic religion calls redemption.

In our true essence, we need both darkness and light, without duality, just like we have nights that are followed by days. We now must enter a new age, which I am calling the Re-Neolithic. It is a process of bio-cultural renewal. A return of the earlier Matri-Traditional communitarian way of daily living that we once knew in the Neolithic villages in the joy of living together in families and tribes that survived by coordinating actions and creating a human language. We must now rediscover it, coming as we do, from the Patri-Traditional culture we are now embedded in, of hierarchy and conflict that seeks only to subordinate and dominate in the service if its cultural dominion, by appropriating all of the Earth for its purposes.

If Human Beings are to survive on this earth we must now strike a balance between these two struggling aspects of our psyche. Our Patri-Traditional, and our more ancient Matri-Traditional inheritance. Instead of living in eternal strife, and repression, we need to arrive at a natural, systemic symbiosis that lets us continue living as nature created us to be. The Earth can do just fine without Human Beings, but we are not here only as an accident of nature. If we fail and go extinct, then perhaps nature will of necessity try once again to fulfill the function that we may still fail to fulfill. Wouldn’t it be better if we evolve and succeed? At least for us, it would be. But for this something in us must change. It may well be the re-discovery of an earlier way of living that once was more sustainable for our life on this planet before the advent of notions of property came to dominate our minds.

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