Alba Emoting and Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a hot topic in recent years. Consultants and coaches recognize that working with emotions is essential in helping clients make transformations in their lives. It also includes our communities as well as our families in our personal lives.

A newborn baby arrives with all their emotions intact, fully developed, even before they learn to speak.  As we are socialized in our families of origin, many people lose this natural-born ability to express what they feel without emotional armor that filters their feelings to what they have learned is acceptable. Actually, most of the mischief that people experience around emotions comes from this inability to actually consciously feel what they are often feeling in their bodies. Our body, however, has a natural emotional intelligence even when our words seem inadequate. The body never lies about its feelings, even when they are repressed.

Alba Emoting

Susanna Bloch is a Chilean research psychologist who developed a technique for emotional regulation which she called “Alba Emoting”.  Her research in the 1970s identified six basic human emotions common to all people and possessed from infancy. These are tenderness, anger, sensuality, fear, joy, and sadness. They are like primary colors or musical tones. They combine to form all the various emotions we experience as human beings which she describes as being emotional mixes.  She also identified a neutral state in which we are calm and where emotions are absent.

Her research proved that emotions are a bodily experience.  She developed the Alba Method to train people on how to change their emotional states at will by changing their breath, facial expressions, and bodily muscular patterns. For years this has been used by actors who as athletes of emotion can use the technology to improve their performances, but it has also been used by coaches and therapists to work with ordinary people as well. There are now teachers in the United States and around the world offering this training to the general public as well as to actors, coaches, and therapists.

Altering Breathing Transforms Emotion

After all these years of talking about emotional intelligence, people are ready now for a transformation of their emotional experiences, not only by having a better grasp on their expression in language about their feelings, but also a greater facility with the body’s expression of these feelings as well. The Alba Method educates the body about the experience of emotion. This is accomplished by learning to shift emotions simply by changing patterns of breath and muscles. It teaches how to recognize when emotions are negatively impacting health and relationships. Lastly, it helps people to increase their expressive range and be free of limiting emotional habits and persisting moods.

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