Transforming This Blog, and Starting A New Blog

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The blog on this site is going to take a new direction. For that reason, I am now posting the continuation of this series to a new blog at

The reason really is simple. After considering my goals, I realized that I need to begin addressing my blogs to a more specific audience. This blog will now address primarily coaching, bodywork, and de-armouring, and mainly for people beginning or looking for services to support them.

The blogs which I have written will remain on the site, and be archived, and the series will continue at Please visit and subscribe there for the more advanced and esoteric content from my journals, and more recent blogs that write on advanced personal transformation. The first blog has been posted there, updated from 2006 is entitled:

Please keep your eye on new for content related to how to start working and transforming yourself in body, mind, and emotion.

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