With the Covid-19 environment continuing, we are all concerned that what we do is as safe as humanly possible.  As I work from my home, I am able to control the environment to a greater extent both for my safety and for the safety of my clients.  

One of the decisions I have made is to invest in powerful Hepa AIr Filtration for my living and work space, so that the air is aggressively filtered, and I have purchased my system from IQ Air, which is very high end and capable of filtering airborne virus completely from the space. While this does not perfectly guarantee anything, it does go along way to ensure that the air that we are breathing together as I am working is as clean as is humanly possible. Additionally, I clean all surfaces with disinfectant cleaner, and  cover my Shiatsu matts and massage table individually for each client session. 

Additionally, I am happy to disclose that I am fully vaccinated including the booster shot. However, I realize that not everyone is doing this. For this reason, I am always happy to wear a mask and I encourage unvaccinated clients to wear masks when facing up. I can provide them if needed, including N-95 masks as well as surgical shields.

However, all that being said, if you are not feeling well, please cancel even with short notice. Likewise, if you discover you might have been exposed to the virus, or have had the virus within the last 14 days prior to our appointment. I will also do the same if that happens with me.


By using common sense and exercising the greatest care we can ensure that all your sessions are conducted as safely as humanly possible.