I am Robert Fertman, a Shiatsu Practitioner and a Life Coach. My clients typically want a lasting transformation of their present life, or to support the transformation they've already had.

They understand that this requires a new way of being in their body, mind, and feelings.  This is accomplished by fully embodying their own transformation. 

The Body Mind Shiatsu and Body-Mind Coaching that I offer can liberate you from constraints that limit your full freedom and wellbeing, provided you are really ready to grow, open and ready for it. 

Your physical, emotional, and thinking self, which is your identity, manifests the life-force energy that is living within you expressed as who you are in the world. If you are aligned and integrated within; that is living in a balanced and fully-embodied structure with a consciousness of sensation, feeling, and thinking, then that life-force energy, is able to move or flow freely within you. It will naturally contract and expand, following the natural laws of Yin and Yang just like throughout all of nature. However, when energy is locked in a body of pain expressed as physical or emotional armor or exists as a void of energy, that is empty, the structure functions to defend against remembered, imagined, or real threats. When this evolves in the living of your life, your possibilities are naturally constrained, because we are structurally determined in the way we show up in life, based on the way our energy manifests our body.


My work is about Dearmoring you. Freeing you from the body armor, by dispersing energy or Tonifying empty weaknesses, to allow the sensations and emotions to be felt and expressed, and correcting the misperception in the thinking that has caused you to have false beliefs. Thus you are clear and make accurate assessments, and the body itself is fully capable of movement and pleasure. When our embodiment functions in this manner we can naturally experience health, a relaxed presence, and a sense of wellbeing.